Saturday, 28 November 2009

Glorious gifts

I have embraced technology and of course this is is how I am speaking to you now and spreading the word about my story. As well as selling my wares at my twilight bazaars I have made my makes available via an online Bazaar:FOLKSY. This is a place where gifted folk gather and sell their gorgeous hand crafted wares. As the festive season draws near some of these folk decided to create and secretly give each other Christmas gifts...SECRET SANTA.

This morning I received my gift and I'm afraid to say I could not wait until Christmas and opened it! Inside were two beautiful lavender birds, two Christmas cards, a lavender Christmas decoration and wait for it; chocolate!

As you can see from the photos; the lavender birds are gorgeous and the floral detail makes them extra special. I love lavender and it makes me think of summer evenings in the garden.

The cards are wonderfully simplistic but pretty. One has jewelled buttons on and the other has cinnamon and jewelled wire on it.
My festive decoration is already hanging up and you can guess it; I have eaten the chocolates!

The generous sender tried to keep her identity secret but her style and talent gave her away; it is PANTS AND PAPER
Visit her beautifully stocked corner of Folksy!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Moon Maiden

Last night as I gazed up at the Moon I started thinking of Niekia and her sad story. Niekia was the daughter of the Moon. She was pursued by the Sun's son Peivalke but her true love was Nainas, of the Northern Lights. Nainas and his brothers would leave Niekia as soon as the first flush of dawn spread across the sky. Across the ocean they would battle in the skies and would return as it grew dark.

Niekia came up with a plan to keep her lover at home; she made a quilt of reindeer hide and embroidered on it the stars and the Milky Way and hung it above Nainas' bed. Nainas slept as normal that night but when he woke up as dawn approached he saw the Milky Way above him and fell back to sleep.

Later on Niekia crept outside and left the door slightly open. Nainas awoke immediately and the Sun saw him and sent down a shaft of fire that pinned him to the ground. Niekia realising what she had done threw herself infront of her lover. Nainas flew off to safety as the Sun grabbed Niekia. Niekia still protested and rejected Peivalke so in anger the Sun threw Niekia up into the arms of her mother the Moon; where she still is.

I always feel disappointed in Nainas; I expected him to save Niekia...maybe that's just me.

I painted Niekia's portrait on canvas stretched within an embroidery hoop(which I stained and wrote text about Niekia on) and finished it off with a velvet Gracie xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lady Mallory's butterfly

For every maiden that crosses my path; I have to make a butterfly.I spent most of my childhood trying to catch the strange ghostly butterflies that always lived in my great grandmother's garden.I now know they are part of the enchantment and take comfort in their presence.

Yesterday I met Lady Mallory - a very tall and elegant woman with a secret life. She had a secret lover and wrote her love letters on sheets of crystal with liquid gold.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Welcome to my small but beautifully cosy corner of this world. My name is Gracie and I live under the most curious curse - I cannot stop making things! (I hear the sniggers) so what, I hear you shout. But REMEMBER this is a curse - I have no choice in the matter. Everyone I meet, everything I see, everything I hear inspires me...I have to make something - express what I feel.

I fall asleep scribbling and drawing. Sheets or blankets have often substituted canvas or paper. I do not sleep long; as soon as the first bird sings my body stirs. My mind is spinning, my fingers starts all over again, the day's making begins.

I am not a princess, a beautiful downtrodden maiden or the daughter of the moon. I inherited this affliction from my great grandmother. (I will save her story for a much colder and darker night, maybe as Christmas nears)

BUT why am I telling you this? My only hope of the curse being lifted is in the hands of one of you. When that special someone purchases a Gracie Make everything will change. I am not allowed to reveal the details but a certain chain of events must take place....