Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Welcome to my small but beautifully cosy corner of this world. My name is Gracie and I live under the most curious curse - I cannot stop making things! (I hear the sniggers) so what, I hear you shout. But REMEMBER this is a curse - I have no choice in the matter. Everyone I meet, everything I see, everything I hear inspires me...I have to make something - express what I feel.

I fall asleep scribbling and drawing. Sheets or blankets have often substituted canvas or paper. I do not sleep long; as soon as the first bird sings my body stirs. My mind is spinning, my fingers starts all over again, the day's making begins.

I am not a princess, a beautiful downtrodden maiden or the daughter of the moon. I inherited this affliction from my great grandmother. (I will save her story for a much colder and darker night, maybe as Christmas nears)

BUT why am I telling you this? My only hope of the curse being lifted is in the hands of one of you. When that special someone purchases a Gracie Make everything will change. I am not allowed to reveal the details but a certain chain of events must take place....

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