Sunday, 6 December 2009

Feathered Friends

This is my favourite poem about my feathered friends.

The Lark

Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day,
With night we banish sorrow:
Sweet air blow soft, mount lark aloft,
To give my love good-morrow:
Wings from the wind to please her mind,
Notes from the lark I'll borrow:
Bird, prune thy wing, nightingale sing,
To give my love good-morrow,
Notes from them all I'll borrow.

Wake from thy nest, robin red-breast,
Sing, birds, in every furrow:
And from each hill let music shrill.
Give my fair love good-morrow.
Blackbird and thrush in every bush,
Stare, linnet, and cock-sparrow,
You pretty elves, amongst yourselves,
Sing my fair love good-morrow.
To give my love good-morrow.
Sing, birds, in every furrow.
(Thomas Heywood)

When my feathered friends stop by I often get a quick sketch and as I get to know each bird I see these sketches as portraits.

When my favourite journeyman gave me some birch plywood; an idea sprung to mind. I set to work cutting the plywood into circles and using them to paint my favourite feathered friend's portraits on.I decorated them with a scalloped felt edge, painted a matching wooden bead and hung them with pretty ribbon.

I hang them everywhere around the cottage...I have several over my bedroom window seat. A selection are available to purchase from my cosy corner of FOLKSY. As long as you don't mind the occasional flapping of wings...Gracie xx

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