Monday, 7 December 2009

Haunted by Book Ghosts...

This piece is literally haunting me... I can't seem to finish it. It's one of those pieces where I do a small bit then get distracted and wonder off making something else. I think it is because the subject matter is intriguing and horrifying at the same time.

Bluebeard (I'm sure you've heard of him) was not the only serial wife killer. Legend has it that my great great great great aunt had a very lucky escape from the villain in this tale. Well that's what my grandmother would tell me.

Anyway,back to the story. Well there was a wicked prince who lived in a dark and brooding castle which was perched on the edge of a cliff. This prince kept himself to himself but rumours of his spectacular and breathtaking library spread and attracted the attention of many a book loving maiden...(the book thing obviously runs in the family!)

This library was out of this had a huge glass dome over it and wait for it...had a waterfall! As a child I would always point out that books and water don't really mix (and would hastily be shushed)It was heavenly, like a book itself; it was like another world. I have my suspicions it would change to cater to it's visitor's fantasies because this wicked prince attracted fourteen wives. Not all at the same time though!

Well, I'm afraid like my artwork I'm going to have to leave this story unfinished. I promise to tell the rest of the story when I show you the finished piece(which I hope will be very soon) Graciexx


talulahblue said...

A lovely haunting tale and dreamy etherial artwork xx

Gracie said...

Thank you talulahblue...I promise I'll finish it soon and tell you rest of the story
Gracie xx