Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My everchanging library

Imagine having a library that magically restocks itself constantly. This I'm sure sounds like a dream come true to many of you and as I enter my snug library (with it's peeling duck egg blue painted walls and comfy gold coloured armchair) I still get a flutter of excitement. For some reason the room smells like jasmine and sandalwood; my grandmother and grandfather always spring to mind.

Of course the library like the rest of the cottage is part of the rich workings of the curse. As a child I would pore over books and swallow they're words as if they were a nutritional need. My mother never discouraged this (now I know she was too worried about if the curse would 'kick in' at the dreaded age of twelve)and so the curse uses this weakness for the written word against me.

All those stories and imaginings; how could anyone not be inspired. For a girl with book obsession it's not really a hardship...just tiring.

I read,then I paint what I see (what I have swallowed and absorbed) To use this artwork I have created art bookmarks which have a print of my painting on one side and on the underside a rescued page from a discarded book (makes me shudder to think who would would do such a thing!)

And it wouldn't be a Gracie Make if I didn't use some ribbon and lace to finish it off. A selection of the bookmarks will be available to purchase from my little corner of FOLKSY very soon. Keep watching out....Gracie xx

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