Sunday, 13 December 2009

My newest butterfly muse...

Adora Bell popped in today for a festive drink and an interesting chat. I have wanted meet this talented lady for a long time and the meeting (as I suspected would) inspired me to make yet another butterfly brooch.

Adora is another eager maker but her speciality is headdresses for maidens to wear on their wedding day. BUT what make's Adora's work stand out is she uses Cloud Roses. Cloud Roses are very rare and can only be picked once every three years and only at a special time (known only by two families - one of which is the Bell's)

Cloud Roses are a pale bluey grey colour but the more happy the wearer or holder becomes; the more they're colour changes to pink (the most beautiful shade of pink imaginable) Hence; Adora is in much demand.I tried to capture these colour changes in this butterfly brooch (which is available to purchase from my little corner of folksy) Gracie xxx


Vintage Inspiration said...

Beautiful...Roses are my favorite flower.

Louise x

Gracie said...

Thanks Vintage Inspiration - Roses are my favourite too!