Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Pretty messes and packaging

Greetings again. I have just popped in to talk about the glorious chaos that I seem to live in and the lovely warm feeling I get wrapping up my finished makes.
I was always an untidy child and my mother gave up in the end trying to train me in the art of tidiness.My grandmother would tell her that I was expressing myself and taught me to look at the happy accidents I created. She really had the most beautiful way of seeing the world. 

My work desk is always covered in books,fabric,ribbons and anything else I like looking at and I have often fallen in love with the mini still lifes created amongst the mess.

The above picture is of a thank you spinner card that I'm making
to send with my makes. When you spin the lovely maiden; her butterfly headdress flutters onto her head. I'm still working on the final piece but have been rather taken with how she looks resting on the lace circle.A new idea I think! You see; mess is inspirational.
I will show you the finished spinners soon(I might even show a moving image !)
I do love packing up makes for people and always use my favourite colour tissue and two wordy butterflies.Not sure how chatty they are Gracie xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Parsley Girl

This time of year can be a bit lonely here as I don't have as many visitors. I tend to lock myself up in the library and lose myself in the world of fairy tales. One of my all time favourite volumes is Italo Calvino's collection of Italian Folktales. It is a treasure trove of wonderful passionate tales.Here is my latest small deep edge painting inspired by one of these tales.

Prezzemolina(the parsley girl)is one of my favourites(and there are MANY!)Like Rapunzel; Prezzemolina's mother was ravaged by her cravings( and in this case; you can guess it was parsley)and she stole it from the fairies who lived nearby. 
Well you can guess who suffered for her mother's greediness...the baby girl was named Prezzemolina(as requested by the fairies)and taken by them when she became a young woman.The fairies(not the small winged variety)did not give Prezzemolina an easy time. They set her a series of seemingly impossible tasks.

She had to paint a coal shed milk white and paint on the walls all the birds of the world(in one day)Meme,the fairies cousin who had decided to pursue this young maiden,came to her rescue and using magic they finished the task.They then set her a more difficult task of getting a special box from Morgan le Fay; assuming she would fail and they could eat her!

Once again Meme came to her rescue and he told her how to defeat Morgan le Fay. This enraged the fairies and they decided to eat her anyway.They stupidly told Meme of their plan and of course he told Prezzemolina how to finally defeat them. They crept down into the cellar and blew out the candles that constantly burned there which were the fairies(and Morgan le Fay's)souls.
As you can guess Prezzemolina and Meme fell in love and lived happily ever after in Morgan le Fay's castle.I think Meme sounds rather lovely actually!love Gracie xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Dragonfly Bride

Hope you all had a peaceful and magical holiday season. Although my making carries on regardless; there is always a special feeling here at Christmas and a nervous excitement about the coming New Year.

My first 'Gracie make' of the New Year was this piece of neck ware entitled 'The Dragonfly Bride'. At my last bazaar I met a very shy young maiden who purchased one of my makes.

She had the most beautiful pale bluey green eyes and hair so fair it was almost white.When she made her purchase she quietly enquired if it was true that the 'make' carried magic along with it.

You see she was on a long journey collecting magic along the way until she had enough to use as a dowry to marry her true love.Where he lived this was normal and the quest was seen to prove the maiden's love and cleverness.

But where do the dragonflies come into this story? As she left my garden I noticed that a circle of dragonflies flew over her head(almost like a halo)I think she would like the necklace.(It is available to purchase in my little corner of folksy)

love Gracie xx