Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Dragonfly Bride

Hope you all had a peaceful and magical holiday season. Although my making carries on regardless; there is always a special feeling here at Christmas and a nervous excitement about the coming New Year.

My first 'Gracie make' of the New Year was this piece of neck ware entitled 'The Dragonfly Bride'. At my last bazaar I met a very shy young maiden who purchased one of my makes.

She had the most beautiful pale bluey green eyes and hair so fair it was almost white.When she made her purchase she quietly enquired if it was true that the 'make' carried magic along with it.

You see she was on a long journey collecting magic along the way until she had enough to use as a dowry to marry her true love.Where he lived this was normal and the quest was seen to prove the maiden's love and cleverness.

But where do the dragonflies come into this story? As she left my garden I noticed that a circle of dragonflies flew over her head(almost like a halo)I think she would like the necklace.(It is available to purchase in my little corner of folksy)

love Gracie xx

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