Monday, 1 February 2010

Adornments for Lovely Locks...

Sorry I haven't popped in a while but I have been feeling a little under the weather lately.The making never ceased of course but now I'm feeling fine and dandy and ready to chat.
I have mentioned my fondness of thick dusty volumes filled with fairy tales and so I have been dipping into the imagination's of the Brothers Grimm this time.Rapunzel just like Prezzemolina suffers for her mother's insatiable need of the green stuff(salad!)
I giggle now when I remember how my mother would conveniently read Rapunzel to me when I was being particularly fussy about eating my greens.She knew I would become lost in the story and actually beg for the magic green stuff! 
I'll go with the assumption you know Rapunzel's tale.I painted her portrait on a box canvas with acrylics and highlighted areas with silver leaf so they sparkle.I wanted a moody moonlight feel and of course Rapunzel's gorgeous locks are central.
Being a long haired lass myself I'm always looking for beautiful adornments for my when I was perusing the Folksy bazaar I was delighted to find the most perfect shop Wychbury.
Midnight Blue Pansy bobby pin,Wychbury
The talented maidens behind Wychbury make Textile Art and Jewellery inspired by nature, ancient sites, the elements, gothic and renaissance design and pagan and mediaeval imagery.Any Rapunzel wannabes would be in heaven!Check out their gorgeous corner of Folksy.Well cheerio for now. love Gracie xx
Royal and Rhinestone Tudor Bobby Pins,Wychbury


Wychbury said...

Thank you so much for the feature Cassandra, we appreciate it :) Paula and Lesley.

Gracie said...

You're welcome; your shop is lovely!

Amanda Robins said...

You have captured the fairytale atmosphere so well. I feel like a fairy princess after finding your blog.

Gracie said...

Thanks Amanda, I'm all for feeling like a fairytale princess!