Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A fun departure...

I love a challenge and was presented with one this valentines. The lovely Lisa from Noodlebubble organised a fun Valentines swap in which Folksy makers made a handmade heart for their assigned partners.
The recipient of my make was to be Giraffecraft; a seller who makes a wonderful selection of colourful soft toys.
It is not very often that I'm completely stumped but I have to admit I WAS. I wanted to make something she would really love and so it had to be a plush of some sort and colourful.

And so this is what I came up with.I love owls myself and felt he would lend himself to being a heart shape.I stitched it all by hand and have to admit I really enjoyed making the little fella in the end!
I might even make some little friends for HOOT HOOT!
love Gracie x


SpoiltPig said...

Wow, that's really amazing and so original! I've never seen anything like it before. Lucky swap partner :D

Gracie said...

Thanks SpoiltPig

Finding Charm said...

That is sooo cute. I love owls as well and it came out great! congrats

Pat said...

He's very sweet - bet your swap partner was delighted!

Gracie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments!

Wychbury said...

LOVE Your blog, I nominated you for a sunshine award :)
Paula x

jo said...

Im going to post about your own now! Really sorry Ive left it so long, but I love him hes so cute! You should definatly make some more. Thanks again
Jo (Giraffecraft)