Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pretty Blue...

Although I love pink and purple shades; I have to say I really do love BLUE. Blue is misunderstood, often dismissed as being cold and dare I say masculine.I see blue as a confident maiden, not too obvious with an air of otherworldliness about her.(Don't even get me started on numbers!I have my heroes and villains)

Take the Galilena sisters for instance.These lofty maidens only ever wear shades of blue and green and both have flame red hair. They truly are a vision to behold and have had no less than a thousand proposals of marriage between them!
Blue is very complimentary and easy to live with.It seems to rub along nicely next to so many colours.

What colours do you love? do you feel they are misunderstood?.. looking forward to hearing from you, love Gracie xx


Abi said...

i love mint green, it can e wishy washy sometimes but I think in its place it's lovely.
found you through folksy and I'm following you now!

Gracie said...

Thanks for visiting Abi!
I like mint green too, especially a pale shade of mint green. It looks lovely with pink,blue,peach..the list is endless.

MyBeadyEye... said...

I have awarded you the Sunshine Award!! xx