Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spring wishing..not long now

My garden is everything to inspiration,my saviour and most of all overgrown with lush childhood memories.BUT I have to admit during the winter it's stillness and silence makes me wish for the spring to come.
I noticed a while ago that flowers seemed to be creeping into my daydreams and my makes..I've been yearning the burst of flora that  begins in Spring and gallops through the Summer months...not long now!

Flowers have always carried special meanings and the 'Language of Flowers' which was wholeheartedly embraced by the Victorian folk provides a endless feast of possible silent conversations and secret messages!
I have a weakness for the twisty creeping Clematis.I was overjoyed to discover it's secret meaning - 'I have beautiful thoughts of you, and admire your mind' Bel Espirit as my grandmother would say.

What free thinking maiden wouldn't want to be told her mind was admired..? Imagine receiving a gift containing clematis,
Evening Primrose(quiet devotion)
and of course a red rose(love)How lovely!(sorry; I might have got a bit carried away there)
Well,inspired by the well meaning Clematis I got to work creating this necklace made of felt,pearls,leather and my well loved hoard of vintage fabrics.I hand embroidered the bib section with Bel Espirit(a beautiful mind)and the leaves and the petals.The necklace and a matching brooch are available to purchase in my little Folksy nook.

Just before I say ta ta, I thought I'd show you my all time favourite variety of clematis that grows in the garden.It's called Purpurea Plena Elegans and has masses of double magenta/purple flowers which look like they're dried and have lived an age even though they have just bloomed!
love Gracie xx 


averilpam said...

I love that clematis. I have a tiny garden and I love it. I'm dying for the weather to warm up so I can face going out and tidying up for the spring

Gracie said...

Me too! I've got a feeling the weather is going to change really soon..I have everything crossed anyway!