Saturday, 6 March 2010

Book Ghosts - Part Two

I finally finished this piece...A while ago I shared some of the story which inspired it and now I can reveal the rest.Just in case you didn't hear the beginning;this is the previous post.
Well,we had got to the part where word had spread of the prince's spectacular library and so he received many requests to visit.Being a very private person he only allowed a select few maidens to visit, one of which was a young silken haired teacher called Pearla.
Now Pearla caught the eye of the prince and she agreed to be his wife. This astounded everyone including Pearla herself as she was known as a independent spirited woman who had no previous desire to marry.She convinced herself that it was love at first sight(and ignored the minor detail that it was the library not the man who she had fallen for)

Pearla married and lived happily with her prince in his castle for a year.Pearla spent her days in the library and would only see the prince in the evening when they met for dinner.As I've already explained, this was no ordinary library.
There was always a volume waiting for her which she would become lost in until the sun streaming through the glass roof would make her eyes heavy and she would fall asleep.In her dreams she was really living the adventures she had been reading of.They were so vivid and one constant was that her prince was always the leading man.He was passionate,brave,humble..all the qualities she admired most.But this was not mere fantasy; this was real...for Pearla, it felt more real.

What did it matter that her night time prince was cold and distant?she had fallen for her daytime prince.But after a year this was not enough.She wanted to see her prince at night and so crept to his chamber.
She was surprised to find the door slightly opened,so she knocked gently. After a minute or so silence she decided to go in.She was shocked to find herself in a small dark room with a solitary open glass case in the middle. Inside the case were six books,all of differing colours and sizes but all so beautiful in their own way.Pearla had forgotten why she was there and could think of nothing but her desire to hold one of the six books. It's cover was a whiteish gold and had a single white flower laying upon it.As she touched the flower it disappeared.She picked up the book which was light as a feather and as she opened it was hit by the scent of lilies and blinded by a lilac light. 

As you can guess poor Pearla was wife number six and it wasn't until wife number fifteen outwitted the wicked prince that he met his very deserved comeuppance.I always wondered what happened to the fourteen book one seemed to know.
This is my first Book Ghost painting which of course will be one of fourteen.I thought I'd start with Pearla as I always felt a real sadness that it was her love of learning that became her downfall.

Well I'm sure you're exhausted now listening to that tale so I will say my bye byes and dare I say HAPPY READING!
PS. The painting is available to purchase over at Folksy.
Love Gracie xx


MyBeadyEye... said...

Another absolutely beautiful post!! :-) xx

Gracie said...

Thanks for your lovely comment MyBeadyEye

Anna said...

I enjoyed that very much. Thank you, Gracie for sharing it.