Thursday, 25 March 2010

Dainty Wrists and fussy confessions...

I have a new obsession...prettiness for the wrist. I cannot stop making cuffs.I have made smaller bracelets before but the bigger you get the more room for embellishment(which as much as I fight it; makes my heart sing)Are you a fussy maker?

I declare that I cannot stop myself...and this has nothing to do with the curse.My life would be so much easier if I made stylish minimalist wares that's pure simplicity displayed the confidence of their creator.My head spins with ideas and my poor worn hands cannot keep up with my changes of heart and mind.I add a bit here, add a bit there..I never know when to stop.

Well enough of my confessions and back to my new obsession.The thing I most love about wrist wear is that you as the wearer can enjoy it's beauty as much as your company.Like it's cousin the ring;you do not need to be glancing in a looking glass to admire it. I embarrassingly admit I have been so taken with looking at my wrist wear that I have not been looking where I was going and fell into a flowerbed in my garden! 

Well, I have started putting some of these creations into my little corner of Folksy so if you fancy having a peek, feel free.
Take care


Elva Undine said...

These are unbelievable! I especially love...well, all of them really. I too am obsessed with bracelets. Yours are just too gorgeous. ✩

Gracie said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Elva
Gracie xxx