Sunday, 14 March 2010

Don't be shy..

 There are people in this world that go to great lengths to draw attention to themselves;whether it be through their appearance or behaviour.And then are those that shy away from attention even though it follows them everywhere like an intrusive stranger.
I've known the Shy Sisters for as long as I can remember and although they are a truly captivating pair,they have never let me paint their portraits until now (and I was only allowed to paint their silhouettes)

This was to protect their anonymity and I really didn't have the heart to mention that this was a little too late as everyone knew of the sisters with the wild hair who were always surrounded by a flock of birds or swarm of butterflies! As I've got older I have trained myself not to be distracted by the beautiful wildlife frenzy that accompanies the sisters but as a child it was difficult to hide my delight and listen to their quiet words.   

I made these hanging decorations in quiet greens as a small token of my admiration for their naturally beautiful souls.  


Amanda Robins said...

You write beautifully and these pieces are gorgeous.

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award - please visit my blog for details:

Gracie said...

Thanks Amanda for your lovely comment and Sue for the award!