Sunday, 4 April 2010

Distracting discoveries...

I'd like to say my bad memory is a symptom of the curse but I have to admit I'm just forgetful. I become so lost in my present thoughts that my past ones(feeling utterly neglected)jump onto the wings of the nearest passing butterfly in search of a more attentive audience.
Today I found a pile of my old paintings and drawings in a chest in the attic.As hard as I try the faces looking out at me are strangers whose tales I cannot recollect.Was the raven haired girl with those dark eyes really as sad as she looks?

What or whom is the girl in the boat waiting for?Is she lost?I have met many lost souls...but have an unexplainable feeling that this maiden's tale is an intriguing one.So now this dear lady and her fellow chest occupants have cunningly crept back into my mind and are tugging at the strands of my fragile memory.

This is another good reason why I don't usually keep my makes.My great grandparents spent their lives working out the best way to deal with the curse and one important rule is to not keep items which can cause unwanted future inspiration.

Oh you must all think what a silly way to live your life but we all deal with our challenges in different ways and my great grandparents chose to embrace the curse and make it a part of their lives.I like to think it wasn't just the curse that I inherited but a the same determination and resourcefulness.
Take care 

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