Thursday, 8 April 2010

A very pretty and easy make..

Yesterday I had a visit from a wandering linen wagon.I was persuaded to purchase a basket full of embroidered table linen which the twinkly eyed young man informed me had been part of a French noblewoman's trousseau.I played along with his tale although I seriously doubted his claims - I've always had a weakness for green eyes and also a weakness for duck egg blue(the colour of the linens)

So in this bundle I found a mixture of place mats and napkins.The place mats had sheer panels so the idea of using them to make a new window dressing came quite naturally.I decided to make them as simply as possible...

I stitched the place mats together by hand but used the machine to attach the length of wide satin ribbon and crocheted edging.I just attached some small loops at each top corner and centre to hang it with.

I love my new window dressing and I'm sure the French noblewoman wouldn't be too upset that part of her treasured trousseau was hanging from my little kitchen window!

Take care


Victoria Lynn Hall said...

That is beautiful Gracie! Love it!

Tilly Rose said...

oooh i love it! there enough to do two??? Lol!
Just lovely....
Karen x x x

Gracie said...

Thank you both!xxx

competitivemum said...

what a lovely blog! I really love your work and will pop back soon. CM X