Monday, 3 May 2010

Coming over all Maytime!and a giveaway reminder!

I hold up my paint stained hands; I've been a naughty blogger lately!I cannot seem to pop in for a chat more than once every seven nights.I don't know where the time goes...probably the same place my patience goes to when trying to rethread a needle for the twentieth time.


I love this time of the year as the summer creeps closer and closer. We are teased with days of sunny warmth in between the familiar refreshing rain filled days.


Come rain or shine..this time of year always marks a change in my work. I don't know if it's the excitement of the Silver April Showers Parade or the lead up to the Golden May Ball. The maidens of the nearest village make great efforts to out do each other in any way possible.
Glorious colours and fabrics appear everywhere!the hairstyles,the bonnets,the shoes! is a pure visual feast and so I've been busy making necklaces,brooches,hair much inspiration.
(whispers)My favourite sewing publication will be revealing the secrets of how I make the above necklaces in the coming months..I'll let you know more when it's out!

Well, all this makes me PRETTY HAPPY(sorry-I couldn't resist!)
Before I go, just a quick reminder about my GIVEAWAY 
You can win a brooch or a print by becoming a follower and leaving a comment.(Just click on the word giveaway to go to post)
Thank you to all the lovelies who have already entered and good luck! 


Lilies and Daisies said...

I love the sneaky peak of all things new in the background. Please let me know when they are on sale. I always get excited when you list new things. As for not having enough time - I am the same. I have had 5 days off and doesn't seem like I have done half of what I wanted to do! Thanks for entering my blog giveaway too. Anna.xx

Gracie said...

Thanks Anna..I'm building up goodies at the moment because I'm going to be opening an Etsy shop at long last.Will let you know Gracie xxx

Lilies and Daisies said...

I will definitely be saving ready for your Etsy shop. When I wore the cuff, everyone kept asking where I got it from. I have featured you as my favourite seller when I did a seller spotlight -

Gracie said...

Thanks Anna and well done on feature.So pleased you're enjoying wearing the cuff.Take care xxx