Friday, 21 May 2010

Embracing bright colours..a little scary!

Hello there,hope you are keeping well and happy.This is a very quick post about the new items that have landed in my Folksy garden.A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my excitement as the maidens of the nearby village have started to come out in their droves wearing they're best ready for the summer party season. 
It is impossible not to be inspired by the luscious bright colours they wear and they often come to me looking for that perfect one of a kind accessory to finish off the look.

BUT although I love bright colours; I'm a little scared of them.Silly,I know but using pastels comes more naturally to me.Are you like that? always drawn to certain shades? You wouldn't think I was scared of colour if you saw the contents of my wardrobe..I wear every colour imaginable but it's somehow different when I'm making.I have loads 'making quirks' that I'm trying to tackle..that's another story altogether.

Well I hope you like my new 'Butterfly and Blooms' sewn necklaces.They're made from leather,felt,fabric,lace,ribbon and beads.I've also popped a couple of sunny yellow embroidered hair bows into my Folksy shop.
I'm also looking forward to hearing your colour preferences or your 'making quirks'...please tell me you have some..surely you must?
lots of love


dreamstar said...

Love the pink and grey butterfly. Am so loving the colour pink at the moment in general.

Gracie said...

Thanks Dreamstar. I love pink too..not quite at the Barbara Cartland stage..yet! xxx