Thursday, 6 May 2010

Foraging For Treasures...second day out!

Hello,I've been daydream shopping again and thought I'd show you what I've found.This is my ideal outfit to wear just about anywhere.The only thing I couldn't find on Folksy were some suitable shoes so bare toed I must go whilst galavanting in my fantasy threads.

Peach Ruffles

Copper Vintage Print Heidi Dress

Luxury Silk Upcycled Lingerie Set

The Mable Clutch Bag

Envelope Necklaces

Cute Leap of Faith Bracelet

Lovely aren't they all? Just click on the shop names to be whisked off to their lovely corner's of Folksy.
Don't forget about my giveaway if you haven't entered already and good luck!

Take care


Blue Button said...

They are all lovely.

Kellie said...

off to find 'dig for victory'....that dress is goiung on my wish list!!! lovely theme x

maricesworld said...

a cleverly put together collection, lovely pieces, love the bag, oh and the dress :0)

Minky Magic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog
today. I love this selection! What you need is a pair of shoe bows to add to a plain pair of shoes me thinks!!

Gracie said...

Thanks for all dropping by, and leaving your lovely comments.The shoe bows sound like a great idea!xxx

Eclectic Creations said...

Wow the dress and lingerie are beautiful! Fab picks! x

Sketchstitch said...

I love the Mable Clutch bag, a very pretty collection x

Clare said...

Thank you so much for featuring my lingerie on your blog!

Anonymous said...
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