Monday, 24 May 2010

Lemon Tea and Christina..

When the sun is shining and everything is a hazy yellow; the lure of lemon tea calls...That cleansing fragrance and tingly 'wake up call' in a cup!(perfect)And to go with the tea;lemon drizzle cake of course.I am by no means a great cook.I'm a bit of a hurricane in the kitchen actually but my offerings always taste nice in the end even though their appearance shows signs of storm damage. 

A lemon tea afternoon would not be complete without some literary company and I felt poetry calling me.I have three favourite poets; Christina Rossetti,John Donne and Carol Ann Duffy.All amazingly talented and very different on so many levels.BUT Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market' was my preferred juicy indulgence today.

If you haven't read 'Goblin Market' or any of Christina Rossetti's work; you are really missing a treat.Her poems often seem melancholic however hope is often lurking between the words and her longer works like the 'Goblin Market' are so visually evocative and entrancing.

Anyway,what would be more appropriate to read on my homage to fruit afternoon but a poem about a girl regretfully succumbing to the lure of the fruit sold by the goblins.The poem weaves a luscious tale of two sisters who hear the calls of the goblin men selling their mouthwatering fairy fruit and how the two girl's lives take a dark course after one of them tastes of the fruit.The poem has been interpreted in endless ways such as having feminist themes,references to capitalism and erotic references however to me it really is just a brilliant fairy tale read that I can get lost in.

Christina's brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti(well known Pre-Raphaelite artist)also illustrated one version and I love to pore over these beautiful images looking at the tiny delicate details.I have a real love of the book illustrations of the Victorian period..I won't bore you with that now.

Well all in all I had a lovely restful and indulgent afternoon..then it was back to making!
Take care


NoodleBubble said...

Is there a teensy slither of cake left? I do SO like Lemon drizzle... ♥

Gracie said...

There you go Lisa..a piece of lemon drizzle for you.Hope you like it..hee hee xx