Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Foraging For Treasures..Unlocking Fairytales

I hadn't being on a good forage around Folksy for an age so a little jaunt was well overdue.I didn't go looking for anything in particular but I find once something gorgeous catches your eye you are naturally whisked away on an a little voyage to similarly inspiring treasures.

My found covetable beauties definitely have a fairytale theme.I've always had an love of keys;what do they open?..what's in the chest?or what world lies behind that door?or who?
Just click on the shop or item name to be whisked off to the wonderful creator's own corner of Folksy.


NoodleBubble said...

Love that Linocut- note to self start christmas List...

Well done on Sew Hip - initially thought someone had copied your work (was only half reading/looking at pictures in the Coop and was VERY ANNOYED until I bought it and read properly)

Did little blog post on you too...Hope all well ♥

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Oh Lisa you make me giggle!I get like that if I think someone has copied someone else too(I have to be calmed down)Thanks for the lovely post;I hadn't seen it so have only now left sweet of you!
The linocut is gorgeous..I want all her work!

Mary Elliott Jewellery said...

thanks for featuring my rose ring! love your blog xx

MyBeadyEye... said...

Oooh lovely items!! what a successful forage :-) xx

Kellie said...

Thank you so much Cassandra :)
you've found some gorgeous things and im happy to have been featured!
enjoy your future forages for treasure
Kellie xx


Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks for all taking the time to have a peek and leave your lovely comments,xxx