Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pleased to be in print!

As you all know I am a dedicated book lover but there are a few magazines that I like to peruse and ponder over and the UK sewing magazine Sew Hip is one of those.So you can imagine my excitement when the editor of Sew Hip contacted me to ask if I would contribute a pattern and tutorial for a sewn necklace to the magazine.So I got to the task and the finished result is in the current issue(18)

I'm very pleased with the finished article and they even used my funny illustrations!I am especially pleased to be in this particular issue alongside such lovely projects(such as that rather fetching dress on the front cover)I do recommend having a look at Sew Hip if you haven't come across it before as it always has interesting sewing projects and articles.

When I got over the excitement of finally getting hold of a copy (my friendly post giver made a special trip to my cottage)I took some time to add some hair decorations to my little Folksy haven.
Hope you like them.

Take care..


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

How lovely...well done you! (-:

Anthea said...

how bizare... I have just seen Sew Hip magazine for the first time today after spotting it in a newsagents I don't normally go in and your necklace was one of the things that caught my eye as I was flicking through. I bought it and can't wait to settle down with a nice cuppa and have a proper peruse...

Gracie said...

Thank you both!
Anthea - how strange..have a good read xx

VintageMilly said...

Well done, I love to read success stories like this, your article looks fab on here and I will look out for the one in the shops to take a proper good look.
Best wishes,

maricesworld said...

Thats brilliant your in sew hip! I'm fairly new to sew hip - this month will be the 4th I buy - it's a fantastic magazine, all the projects are very well written, great pictures and patterns... so a HUGE pat on the back for featuring, getting my copy tomorrow, can't wait x

Gracie said...

Thank you also VintageMilly and maricesworld!such lovely comments

Tilly Rose said...

Oooh how fab-u-lous hun!!!!
Wow to think I sta opposite someone so famous at a Vintage Fair!!

Well done, you've done sooo well hun
Karen x x x