Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Recreating The Quiet Princess's Casket..

(Whispers)..Have you heard the tale of the Quiet Princess?she lived many moons ago but her legend has captured my heart.As you can guess;she spoke very few words and when she did speak her quiet utterances were barely audible.Only the Princess's elderly nursemaid could understand the Princess and as the years past on and the nursemaid's health began to deteriorate and a new way of understanding the Princess was sought. 

The Princess came up with her own solution and in the nursemaid's final days; she relayed the plan to the King and Queen. The Princess had pieces of jewellery made to represent her feelings and quiet words.She would draw the shapes and designs along with a description of the meanings and they would be created for her to wear.

Now I know you are a canny lot and I hear you ask 'why did she not just write down her messages in the first place?' must remember this is the tale of a Princess and the more enigmatic and beautifully adorned she can be; all the better!  The kingdom grew to read the messages given in the jewellery and loved their special Quiet Princess adoringly.

She kept her pieces in a special casket and I've been working on creating my own casket full of pieces that I imagine are like the Quiet Princess's.These two leather adorned cuffs are my first offerings and are in my little Folksy bazaar.I used quiet subtle colours;beige,cream and dark silver and tried to make the cuffs pretty but luxurious looking.The top cuff symbolizes a happy and optimistic mood and the second one represents a thoughtful and generous outlook.These are the first of the collection and I will update you as soon as more are finished.
Take care


Lilies and Daisies said...

Sorry everyone, the top one is now mine!!! Can't wait for it to arrrive!!

Jessica Marie said...

Oh, just beautiful!

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you both!Anna..I was really puzzled when I saw your comment then the penny dropped...having a silly day xx

Anonymous said...

So beautiful not only the pieces but the writing, its always a pleasure to read your blog :o) xxb

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks Birgitta..glad to hear you enjoy my ramblings.I have a tendency to go on a bit,lol :) xx