Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sashes and Cakes...

I've been very busy as of late so I apologise for leaving eight days flit away before visiting back here.As word has spread of my makes and the bazaar; I find more and more folk knocking on my garden gate.
I had heard of the bakeress Paloma Sunday of course seeing as her speciality is her mint and brown sugar cupcakes with edible love letter butterflies.
Romance,words,cakes and butterflies! Pure heaven for me! Well,Paloma is  tipped to be the winner of ‘most inspired use of literature with baking' at this year's Inspired Maiden Parade and so she came to me looking for something special to wear.

So I made a sash which can be worn in several different fashions depending on the mood.The pale aqua colour is the same shade of Paloma's mint icing and I tea dyed some lace to add a brown sugary feel.Of course a butterfly would have to be present but gave it some floral company!

The sash is available in my Folksy Bazaar and I'm looking forward to making some more sashes for other participants in the upcoming Inspired Maiden Parade.

Well back to making and maybe some baking(?)I've never been a gifted poet!or bakeress for that matter!

Bye Bye for now and take care


Yvonne Stewart said...

The sash is gorgeous, really pretty colours and those mint and brown sugar cupcakes sound delicious! x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment Yvonne.
Hope you are well xx

MarmeeCraft said...

This is SO beautiful!! I adore the colours!! ♥ Thanks for your kind comment at my little blogling!

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you MarmeeCraft!I adore your work and blog so delighted that you visited and left your lovely comment!xx

minnybouquet said...

Hello - I've arrived at the bazaar via folksy (where you very kindly added me to your favorites - thank you). Your work & blog are lovely, so very pretty, I'm glad to have found them.

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Hi minnybouquet
Thanks for popping over from Folksy.Your shop caught my eye the other day..just my cup of tea(lots of vintage prettiness)I'm sure you will do very well there!