Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Washing and making in the sun...

I don't know about where you reside but here the weather has been particularly moody and indecisive as of late. Today mistress weather must have woke up in a very good mood indeed as she graced us with a glorious breezy sunny day. As well as getting a sizeable pile of linens washed and dried(I must be getting old if that pleases me so much!)I took some of my unfinished makes outside...with the intention of finishing them.

I've been working on some new ideas such as the felt flower bouquets and a new collection of Lady Lace cuffs which I'm particularly fond of.I managed to finish the cuffs so will be placing them in my Folksy Bazaar soon but I got distracted and the felt flowers are still to be done...nevermind!


My garden is quite wild and I always daydream of floating delicately through grand formal gardens with dramatic high hedges and mazes.But I can always find something interesting in my higgledy piggledy paradise.Like this jasmine elegantly trying to find a new surface to drape over or this army of pretty chives all standing to attention!

Even my rusty old oil lamp had a certain prettiness to it today!Maybe the sun has to gone my head!It wouldn't be the first time I've worn rosy tinted spectacles!

Well take care and enjoy your weather whatever it may be today!

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