Monday, 26 July 2010

Leather Sketch Portrait of Sweet Liliana

I've always loved miniatures and love to imagine how treasured these small perfect portraits were to their keepers.These captured reflections could be carried in one's inside pocket close to the heart,or kept under one's pillow to provide comfort in a lonely bed, maybe even hidden hastily in a drawer to disguise a forbidden love.And of course many were made as pieces of jewellery; increasing their portability and preciousness.The beautiful miniature below is from the wonderful collection of Don Shelton

Well I've been wanting to create my own version of a wearable miniature for a while now and so when I met Sweet Liliana I couldn't resist having a go.

Sweet Liliana is a talented Flower Flute player.The Flower Flute is played at sunrise and it is used to awaken and rejuvenate the sleeping flowers in a sad forlorn garden.Liliana dances swiftly amongst the flowers playing her sweet tune,a willowy shadow spreading warmth.

I felt a pale portrait sketch with little colour echoed the ethereal presence Sweet Liliana has and I used pale cream leather,tea dyed lace,cream velvet ribbon and a small button.The piece is very lightweight to wear and was completely hand stitched as usual.I'm very pleased with the final result and hope to try other portraits in this fashion.

On another very much belated note; a while back I was featured on two lovely blogs which I would highly recommend visiting.The first being NoodleBubble a lovely talented lady whose blog is fun,informative and features reviews of books(just up my alley!)The second was Amanda Lincoln a graphic designer and surface pattern designer who has a very pretty blog showcasing her own and other's work which is a feast for the eyes.Thank you to them both.
Take Care

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