Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Upcycling for good for you.

Every so often I have to take a moment and force myself to create something purely for little old me.It's all too easy to become lost in the process of creating for others and become detached from your loves and needs.I cannot spare lengthy periods of selfish making so I usually embellish or re purpose something I already own.


I own quite a large collection of old knitting bags(however I am not a very accomplished knitter!I'm still working on that)BUT I love the sheer size of them(I carry a great deal with me whenever I go for a saunter)and as they are often handmade; they are made with such wonderful fabrics from the previous owner's collection.This particular bag I chose to embellish is made with an upholstery fabric so I like to think somewhere out there is a chair that would match my new handbag beautifully!

It is not secret how much I like lace doilies so no surprise that I hand stitched one to the front of the bag.To beautify it further I tied on a bow with wide beige grosgrain ribbon.Very simple to do but I really like the finished bag.As this took no time at all I got carried away and started experimenting with some treasures a bit dearer to my heart.

Someone very dear to me gave me a handful of small slices of a young pear tree as he thought I would like them(there was a little more to the conversation but I'm already blushing so I'll stop there)I've had them for a while now and this is my first attempt at using one.Again; it's very simple and uses my old favourite lace but it reminds me of 'him' and myself(dare I say us)I think I'll turn it into a pendant but a knock on the garden gate ended my selfish play so it will have to wait until next time.

Take care and remember be good to yourself too

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