Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Playing with Packaging..

There is nothing I enjoy more than packaging up my makes and bidding them farewell on their journey to their new owners!I love all the wrapping and pretty touches,I have to stop myself from going overboard.However,enjoyable as this is..time is tick ticking very loudly and it's bedtime again!  

So I've forced myself to simplify matters and after much playing(oopps..I'm mean working)I have my new packaging all ready.So all Gracie Makes will now be wrapped in tissue; placed in a pillow box made of forest friendly recycled card and tied with a length of fabric scrap which is topped with a hand cut felt flower and leaf.

So although I've removed the 'faffing' element,I've still allowed myself the choice of fabric scrap(crucial element!)I really need to get out more,lol.  

Take Care

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Accepting my limitations..for now!

My Grandmother tried,my mother tried..God,they really tried!They really tried to teach me to knit but it doesn't come naturally to me.This completely baffled them when they realised I had inherited the curse.My great grandmother Evangeline who was originally cursed was exceptionally gifted and did not come across any craft she could not master.Obviously I inherited the manic making but not the endless capabilities...but I do still try. 

I found this pretty tangle of yarn at the back of my dresser and set about untangling it and having another go at knitting.Purl stitch is the one that seems to challenge my co-ordination and one needle always seems to end up hitting the floor.Any hints on this would be gratefully welcome!

So I made it easy for myself and stuck to knit stitch and made myself a very long skinny scarf.I kept it skinny because I like wearing scarves indoors sometimes in the winter and thought this would be more versatile.It was good practise and I quite like the finished scarf so all is good.

I really admire those who can knit and crochet and to be honest I love the clickedey click sound the needles make!So I'm going to and challenge my nemesis purl and try knitting a hat maybe next.Any tips very welcome?!
Take Care

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New in the bazaar today...

Thought I'd just show you these new Quiet Princess necklaces that are now in my Folksy Bazaar available to purchase.They're very long and quite different to my usual necklaces which are usually more of the bib style.

I really like these as I think they're very easy to wear and of course they feature the leather,lace and ribbons I'm so fond of.Hope you like them too.

I'll pop back in a day or two for a proper catch up but I thought I'd also let you know I'm doing Free UK postage in the Folksy Bazaar up until Christmas.
Take Care.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another Rainy Day... Is Autumn here already?

Autumn is not my favourite be honest;it's my least favourite.I've always seen Autumn as a strange sly creature who seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year dazzling everyone with her rustly colourful gown whilst bringing her rainy companion.Don't get me wrong;I love warming Butternut Squash soup and Bonfire Night but I end up pining for the long bright summer nights...and those summer fragrances..

Hey Ho!Lot's to be done indoors and who doesn't enjoy a sprightly fresh stroll on a chilly day(as long as your wrapped up of course) 

Well seasonal character assassination over and back to business.I have always had a thing about keys and locks(even my logo is a keyhole)I guess it's the intrigue and duality of them.They can take your freedom or more importantly give it back to you.If you find a lonely key you can't help but wonder where it's life lock partner resides.Is it on a door to another world,or on an ancient chest containing someone's worldly possessions...that's not just me, surely?

So with this in mind I've been making my own sets of lavender keys to adorn any special nook or cranny.This fragrant set is hand-drawn on tea dyed cotton and each key is backed with vintage fabrics and have been filled with lashings of French Lavender (all the way from Provence) and polyfill. Other features are a lace covered wooden hoop with resident butterfly. A stuffed pale aqua felt heart, lace leaves and a little lace and felt padlock.This is available to purchase in my Folksy shop.

Well I better toddle off and get back to making..I'm working on some lovely lavender locks to join the keys in the bazaar.
By the way I got that card castle up to five storeys..I have all Autumn and Winter to get to a more impressive level!
Take Care