Sunday, 19 September 2010

Accepting my limitations..for now!

My Grandmother tried,my mother tried..God,they really tried!They really tried to teach me to knit but it doesn't come naturally to me.This completely baffled them when they realised I had inherited the curse.My great grandmother Evangeline who was originally cursed was exceptionally gifted and did not come across any craft she could not master.Obviously I inherited the manic making but not the endless capabilities...but I do still try. 

I found this pretty tangle of yarn at the back of my dresser and set about untangling it and having another go at knitting.Purl stitch is the one that seems to challenge my co-ordination and one needle always seems to end up hitting the floor.Any hints on this would be gratefully welcome!

So I made it easy for myself and stuck to knit stitch and made myself a very long skinny scarf.I kept it skinny because I like wearing scarves indoors sometimes in the winter and thought this would be more versatile.It was good practise and I quite like the finished scarf so all is good.

I really admire those who can knit and crochet and to be honest I love the clickedey click sound the needles make!So I'm going to and challenge my nemesis purl and try knitting a hat maybe next.Any tips very welcome?!
Take Care


Kathryn @ Loved and Used said...

Love the scarf its amazing ........ I started knitting a scarf after I came out of hospital ( my first knitting attempt in 20 years or more )however my 4 year old decided that it was more fun pulling it off the needles !! I must,I must try again ..... Thanks for the memories xx

MitziMakes said...

That's a cute scarf! And I think that's how everyone feels when they start to knit, surely it is?! I learnt through you tube videos on how to knit - I could re-play the videos a million times without the teacher getting fed up with me! I still go there when I'm stuck with something :)

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you both!Thought I was the only one..will definitely have to try the 'you tube' videos.
Kathryn- knitting is irresistible to little ones isn't it?!Good luck with giving it another try xx

Wychbury said...

That's a very lovely scarf! I can't knit for toffee but still persist with it, also as it's a family talent I don't seem to have inherited and I feel obliged! Miniature dolls' house blankets for my kids were my last effort. My aim was for them to look old and vintage and I succeeded - not on purpose! Well done on the scarf px

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

I'm hopless at knitting...but my daughter is a dab hand at it. Well done you...a very sweet scarf (-;

Tilly Rose said...

Oh hunny...don't be so hard on yourself! Your scarf looks gorgeous...loving thse colours!
If we lived closer you could come to my Needles n Natter group...or even pop round for a coffee?

Stick with it, it will come eventually. Try purling with some chunky yarn to see the pattern clearer....
good luck my lovely
Karen x x x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you all so much for your empathy and advice!
Will definitely try the chunky yarn..sounds like a very sensible idea.I'll show you when I conquer Queen Purl!xxx

Anna said...

First of all that scarf is lovely! I have a friend who would anchor the needles into her side, which might help them from hitting the floor. all the best

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks Anna,will try your friend's method!sounds good,xx