Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another Rainy Day... Is Autumn here already?

Autumn is not my favourite be honest;it's my least favourite.I've always seen Autumn as a strange sly creature who seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year dazzling everyone with her rustly colourful gown whilst bringing her rainy companion.Don't get me wrong;I love warming Butternut Squash soup and Bonfire Night but I end up pining for the long bright summer nights...and those summer fragrances..

Hey Ho!Lot's to be done indoors and who doesn't enjoy a sprightly fresh stroll on a chilly day(as long as your wrapped up of course) 

Well seasonal character assassination over and back to business.I have always had a thing about keys and locks(even my logo is a keyhole)I guess it's the intrigue and duality of them.They can take your freedom or more importantly give it back to you.If you find a lonely key you can't help but wonder where it's life lock partner resides.Is it on a door to another world,or on an ancient chest containing someone's worldly possessions...that's not just me, surely?

So with this in mind I've been making my own sets of lavender keys to adorn any special nook or cranny.This fragrant set is hand-drawn on tea dyed cotton and each key is backed with vintage fabrics and have been filled with lashings of French Lavender (all the way from Provence) and polyfill. Other features are a lace covered wooden hoop with resident butterfly. A stuffed pale aqua felt heart, lace leaves and a little lace and felt padlock.This is available to purchase in my Folksy shop.

Well I better toddle off and get back to making..I'm working on some lovely lavender locks to join the keys in the bazaar.
By the way I got that card castle up to five storeys..I have all Autumn and Winter to get to a more impressive level!
Take Care