Monday, 25 October 2010

Blooming buttons!

I was given these wooden buttons by a generous visitor who thought I would find some use for them.I was delighted and put them in a glass jar alongside all the other vessels full of tempting materials but two weeks on and finally their nakedness was too much to bare.

So I spent most of Sunday painting them,sticking to pastel shades and floral patterns.Before varnishing them I aged them slightly as I'm ever so fond of the 'lived in'look.

They're very lightweight so I can think of endless uses for them. I'll show you what I do with them(soon I hope)
Take care

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Unlocking little stitchy memories..

Over the past six months or so I have noticed that I can't resist the urge to add sly little embroidery stitches into most of my makes.I haven't really ventured beyond stem and back stitch but finding this old sampler I made when I was fifteen has tempted me into exploring the never-ending types of stitches. 

I call it a sampler(very loosely)as writing the stitch's names in pen probably isn't an age old tradition!I remember my grandmother patiently showing me all the different stitches and the bemused look upon her face as I came up with my own alternative outlandish names for the funny little stitches.
So now being all grown up and semi serious, I'm attempting to relearn these techniques and use them in my own way.

With this in mind I thought I'd show you this little padlock which I sketched and then embellished with some embroidery.I have to say I didn't use any complicated stitches but concentrated on satin and stem(one step at a time)and the practice is all good!Next time I'll venture into using more of my grandmother's stitches. 

I actually intended to cut this lock out and stuff it with lavender so it was a plush like the keys I've previously made but I quite like it in the hoop.Decisions,decisions..any thoughts?
Back to work,
Take care,

Gracie xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Foraging For Treasures...Home comforts

I'm definitely a home bird and as the nights draw in and my toes begin to shiver,I find myself wanting to adorn my little cottage with gorgeous finds.So here is my current wish list of beautiful wares for sale on Folksy and Etsy.

I'm sure you like them all as much as I do!Just click on the product or seller's name to be whisked off to their lovely shops.
Take Care

Monday, 4 October 2010

Little update on my little Folksy corner..

Just popping in to mention that I've been listing some new brooches on Folksy over the past couple of days. The one above is part of my new 'Little Voyages' range which is a fleet of pretty ships.

The other brooches are some butterflies inspired by some gorgeous maidens who popped around for tea recently.Another tale in itself!

Hope you like them and I'll stay longer next time for a proper catch up.
Take care