Monday, 29 November 2010

Latest additions..

This is a quick pop in to show you what I've added to my little nook of Folksy today.I have to be so quick I can't even stay for a cup of tea, boohoo.I've added a Leather and Lace Cloud necklace.

A Leather and Lace Art pendant.

And some more needle cases which I seem to have become obsessed with making.

I feel the telling of a good yarn is well overdue so next time I'll have the tea brewing and the fire lit so you can get cosy.
Until then,wrap up warm and take care

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wondering about Windmills

I have to confess to being a curvy girl;and not just around the hips.I mean I'm always drawn to anything rounded or oval and my doodles are always a mass of spirals,flowers,moons,suns,etc.With this in mind it will come as no surprise that I have always harboured a secret wish to live in a windmill.

No dusty dark corners and all those stairs!Yes;I really love stairs,the more flights the better.I might not feel the same in thirty years but for now I can wish.

I imagine each floor of my dream dwelling would be very different to the one below and as you climbed the windmill it would be a case of less is more so the very top floor would be almost empty.The perfect private place to dream and watch the stars.

But for now I'm happy enough in my great grandmother's special cottage even if it only has one flight of stairs.

I'd love to hear what you dream dwelling is?
Take care

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Foraging for Treasures...Feeling Festive Already

I know it's only November but I can't help thinking about Christmas and especially decorating the cottage.I'm not a big fan of using the traditional red and green so was overjoyed to find so many lovely festive decorations on Folksy in a wonderful array of colours! Here are my favourites

They're all so gorgeous aren't they!
Take Care

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Range of Pretty Sewing Notions!

I really must apologise(again) for not popping over as of late, but I have to admit I enjoy abandoning my computer every so often. It is all to easy to flit from page to page of wonderful treasures and inspiration.Two hours later and the guilty panic sets in as the pile of unfinished makes in my open sewing chest catches my eye(Oh no!hope I haven't discouraged you to stay,lol)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I have been making with my new stash of hand painted buttons(see previous post)I've been toying with the idea of making Sewing Notions for a while now after one of you lovely people suggested it a while back.The buttons seemed the perfect focal point for them all and so the range has been created.

The pincushions are made from vintage linen napkins and are scented and the needle books are made of vintage and new materials.I think they're very pretty but practical of course.

The range is now available in my little corner of Folksy and I'll be adding more very soon.
Hope you like them,
Take Care