Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wondering about Windmills

I have to confess to being a curvy girl;and not just around the hips.I mean I'm always drawn to anything rounded or oval and my doodles are always a mass of spirals,flowers,moons,suns,etc.With this in mind it will come as no surprise that I have always harboured a secret wish to live in a windmill.

No dusty dark corners and all those stairs!Yes;I really love stairs,the more flights the better.I might not feel the same in thirty years but for now I can wish.

I imagine each floor of my dream dwelling would be very different to the one below and as you climbed the windmill it would be a case of less is more so the very top floor would be almost empty.The perfect private place to dream and watch the stars.

But for now I'm happy enough in my great grandmother's special cottage even if it only has one flight of stairs.

I'd love to hear what you dream dwelling is?
Take care


Tilly Rose said...

I'm a curvy girl just like you hun....but alas windmills wouldn't be my choice.
I would love to live in an old stone cottage where the walls and floors have some history...and ahuge inglenook fireplace
really simple!
x x x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

That sounds lovely and cosy Karen.Would look gorgeous filled with your pretty makes!xx