Tuesday, 14 December 2010

How it all began... Part One

Now that a year has fluttered past since I began this little on line journal I feel I need to shed some light on my ancestry and the history of the 'curse.'If you have just popped in for the first time or don't know anything about the curse; here's a recap
My name is Gracie and I live under the most curious curse - I cannot stop making things! (I hear the sniggers) so what, I hear you shout. But REMEMBER this is a curse - I have no choice in the matter. Everyone I meet, everything I see, everything I hear inspires me...I have to make something - express what I feel.
I fall asleep scribbling and drawing. Sheets or blankets have often substituted canvas or paper. I do not sleep long; as soon as the first bird sings my body stirs. My mind is spinning, my fingers starts all over again, the day's making begins.
I am not a princess, a beautiful downtrodden maiden or the daughter of the moon. I inherited this affliction from my great grandmother Evangeline.

Evangeline was found by a young farmer Antoine wandering the countryside in a remote part of France. She was five or six years old(we are guessing)and had no recollection of why or how she came to be there.Evangeline told Antoine her name and curiously could speak French,Italian and English.How strange she must have seemed, this slight raven haired girl wearing a faded cornflower blue cloak and carrying a tiny little case.As in all tales of old,it just happened that Antoine and his wife Marie where unable to have their own child and so brought up Evangeline as their own heaven sent miracle.

And in the little case?the above baptismal gown,three mother of pearl buttons,an empty leather bound journal and a pair of worn lace gloves.

Don't feel down hearted though...Evangeline loved her found parents deeply and they truly cherished their little 'wandering angel'(as Antoine would call her)She enjoyed a carefree childhood exploring the wilds and helping her mother Marie in the evenings.

She grew into a strong spirited young woman who was extremely striking with her pure soot black hair which tumbled down her back like a wild waterfall and eyes the colour of pale amethysts.However Evangeline was really known for her industriousness and workmanship.So it will come as no surprise that Evangeline had a gaggle of admirers who surveyed this hard working strange beauty as a very suitable potential wife.

However Evangeline was not interested in their shallow admiring glances,she only had eyes for Hunt Gray.Now with any dramatic winding tale,this was bound to be a bad idea.And as Hunt enters this story I think I'll end this part of the tale and let you get yourself a well earned hot beverage.

Hope you enjoyed this first part of the tale and come back to hear about Evangeline and Hunt.
Take Care 


Tilly Rose said...

How lovely....very intriguing.
Can't wait for part two hunny!
By the way....I tto suffer form the same infliction...maybe we should start a support group????!
x x x

lilipopo said...

Oh I love your blog it's beautiful and I too will be back for the second instalment

Kate x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you both for your kind words,xxx

Charlotte {WaltzingM} said...

Did you ever post the rest of this story? I just found your blog today. I love your embroidery especially the delicate way you create faces, eyes and hair. So artistic. I am truly in awe. I love this Part One and have looked for Part Two but couldn't find it anywhere.