Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My favourite Christmas gift...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying the festive holidays.We've had lots of long walks through the surrounding snowy fields and much too much eating and drinking!

I say 'we' because I've happily spent my time with my very dearest friend.And it is his Christmas gift that I wanted to show you because I absolutely adore it.I've spent many moments oohing and aahing at the gorgeous artwork of Cori Dantini and so was delighted to receive this print on Christmas morning.

Cori describes her work as 'thoughtful artwork for sentimental folk' which is such a perfect description.This particular artwork is very fitting as the lovely little lady has remarkably similar hair to myself and my dear friend is a carpenter and is also a bearded fellow(not green though!)I'll show you a picture it when it's framed and has settled into a cosy corner of my cottage.

Thought I'd leave you with a snap of some pretty winter berries I saw on one of our long walks and wish you a very Happy New Year in advance as I will have to get back down to business very soon.

I'm quite excited actually because I've been working on some clutch bags for the Spring season in the Bazaar which is definitely something new and will show you the new range as soon as they are in the Bazaar.
Take Care


lilipopo said...

I'm not surprised it was your favourite present her prints are beautiful, what a lovely gift

Supercutetilly said...

Cori Dantini's artwork is beautiful, lovely blog, thank you for helping me find you :-)

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

I'm saving for more of her work..better get on making,lol.Thank you both for popping in,xx