Monday, 14 March 2011

New additions and a lesson learnt

Well at long last I can show you one use of these little silhouettes I had drawn on shrink plastic a while back.This Pink Silhouette Clutch Bag is now available to purchase in my little corner of Folksy.

I housed the little flower clad girl in a leather and lace frame(which I particularly love making because they remind of a little holy medal case given to me as a child)

The leather framed silhouette sits on a clutch bag I made using linen,brocade and cotton. The lining is floral and has a contrasting interior check patterned pocket.And to greet the carrier when they open the bag I embroidered my dragonfly keyhole logo just above the magnetic snap.

And if you noticed the title of this post you will be waiting to hear what lesson I learnt.Well it would be not to work too late into the twilight hours.You see I made another bag similar to this one but with a lovely Japanese gingham cotton but lo and behold when I went to photograph it today I noticed a crease on the front and the crease is from the interfacing so it will not budge.I'm a very careful maker and it's really not like me to overlook something like that but I did work late into the night to finish it and I will not be making that mistake again.

So to replace the missing bag I added this Leather Daisy brooch to Folksy today also.This brooch features leather,dupion,organza,vintage fabric and embroidery.Hope you like it.

Take care until next time,


Supercutetilly said...

Oh no, I have done this before too, you just don't notice things unless there is proper daylight and what a waste of making time !! Oh well the bag is lovely and the brooch is a beautiful replacement ♥

lilipopo said...

I love your leather framed silhouette it's so pretty. We've bought some shrink plastic for the children but we're slightly nervous of it. How much does it shrink?
poor you on the crease thing :o(
Beautiful flower as well
and thankyou for following my other blog, it's supposed to be a home ed blog but we're a little lazy with the camera!
Kate x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you both for popping by:)
Working with the shrink plastic is really fun actually..I think it shrinks by 45% so nearly half the size.I read a tip somewhere about making a ruler and shrinking it so you can see exactly how it does shrink ..still haven't done that though.
Let us know how you get on,xx