Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Confessions of a Gingham Girl

The original title to today's utterances was 'Keeping makes and  mistakes' but then I noticed my loyal lifelong friend gingham had gracefully crept into nearly every picture.

I don't know if it started with my little cornflower blue gingham plimsolls I wore as a child or my mother's ruby red gingham apron..but I really do love gingham.She's classic but not too serious (and personally I suspect she has a delicious sense of humour!)

And so back to these gingham makes.Well as you have probably have guessed they are makes with mistakes.The little purse was my first attempt at using a purse frame and the stitching at the side doesn't quite reach the frame perfectly so I put it down to experience and decided to keep it.I would love to hear your opinions about the purse because I wasn't sure if the flower was edging towards going overboard(I spend many a moment on the creative gangplank wondering if I'll fall in)

I mentioned this clutch catastrophe I while back as I ironed a crease in the interfacing but have enjoyed using it myself and am yet to meet someone who can spot the crease(but I know it's there)I really like using this bag particularly because I like the floral lining.

I have actually been making wares for the Folksy shop too. I'm just finishing this patchwork 'sing' purse(spot my old friend)and I've added another leather and lace cuff to the shop too.

I just looked around my cottage and realised aside from my fabric stash I have gingham ballet pumps,bedlinen,underwear,pyjamas, cushions and a gingham blind.Perfectly normal!
I'd love to hear your pattern or fabric obsessions..
Take care


MitziMakes said...

I love your new makes - that clutch bag looks lovely, I love the way you contrast your fabrics and have a surprise print inside!

I think I border on becoming a pretty big gingham fan too. I have collected quite a stash of gingham ribbons and looking round my room I am suddenly spotting all sorts of gingham prints! It's infectious!

MochiPan said...

Oooh what a lovely post! I do love gingham too, but my Mum is definitely obsessed with it, and we always had it somewhere in the house growing up. My only compaint would be that there aren't enough different colours of gingham around when I go fabric shopping, so perhaps we have some tips for places to buy unusual gingham colours?

Your 'mistake makes' are really lovely! I doubt anyone would notice the little mistakes, but I would probably worry the same about selling them. Sometimes it's nice to be able to keep things rather than sell them, as that can also be a form of advertising (when people ask 'oooh where did you get that?') Lucky you, to be able to keep two gorgeous purses!

Jem said...

Cassandra these are simply beautiful - it's amazing how subtly pretty gingham can be in neutral shades, the gorgeous corsage you've made really sets off the frame purse so well! :-)

Jem xXx

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments..glad I'm not the only gingham lover.
Actually I would recommend Fabric Rehab and Fabric land as good sources of pretty gingham colours but I searched high and low for that small beige gingham and for the life of me cannot remember where I did get it!xx

lilipopo said...

oh it's all so lovely I love your prints and buttons and gingham and everything. And especially that flowery print hidden on the inside.
at the moment I'm quite keen on spots, little tiny ones.
I will try reading a book when I am stuck for ideas next time but NOT gardening!

Kate x

lilipopo said...

oops me again, the little purse looks lovely with the flower and button, it turns it into something special

Kate x

ilovedolly said...

I love gingham too! But my weakness is polkadots. I often look through the childrens' clothes and think I should not inflict it on them so often!