Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Apologies,websites and embroidery.

Firstly,I must apologise for not posting here for a little while.I wish I could regale you with a tale of adventure and amazement but simply I have been too busy.Busy fixing broken appliances,doing errands,finishing commissions,entertaining a little restless angel and working on a new website(that last bit is a little bit exciting)

I hope the website will be ready very soon and it has been quite pain free so far. I'm using Create which seems to be quite good value and a bit more editable than others I have tried.Here are some screenshots of my progress so far but it does need a lot more work.To start with it really is more like a gallery of my makes and a way of tying the blog,facebook,etc together but I hope to have a shop on the website eventually(the shop tab will direct you to the Folksy shop at first)Due to most of my makes being one of a kind it can be difficult to choose where to sell what.That's the reason I haven't stocked the Etsy shop currently.  I'd love to hear what you look for in a website or if you have any pet hates about sites?

Technology aside,I just finished another Summer Wanderings embroidery and this time she is a flower loving flame haired lass.She is now available to purchase in my Folksy nook.

I decided to not appliqué the dress this time and test my filling in skills.I used back,split,seed and lazy daisy stitches to pretty her dress.The end result reminds me of pointillism(which I remember being obsessed with when I was fifteen - not your average teenage obsession really)

I also just wanted to say a big hello and thank you to my new followers and to my 'old' ones for popping in and listening to my musings.My next post will be very soon hopefully and the first of my book reviews.I adored reading all your reading recommendations on my last giveaway and always pore over other people's reviews so thought I'd start a regular book post myself.There won't be a theme;just inspiring books that I have discovered recently and also well loved reads.Until then,
Take care  


Jem said...

Hi lovely, great to see another post - your website looks as though it is coming along a treat and I love your new header here on the blog :-)

I've been MIA from proper blogging for a couple of weeks and I'm now missing it so must get a post up in the next couple of days.

I think one of the key things for websites like yours will be the standard of images (not a problem with yours as they're already detailed and lovely) and easy navigation with plenty of information about your craft. I hope you'll include some of you lovely stories too!

Jem xXx

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Hi Jem
Thanks for all your feedback about websites,very helpful.Actually I was wondering about including any stories so lovely to hear you would welcome the idea.
Looking forward to your return to proper blogging..have you been shopping lately?Love seeing your clever finds:)xx

Jem said...

I've been in a bit of a rut the past couple of weeks and feeling uninspired but there is a table top sale at the church hall on Saturday morning so who knows what I may find there! :-)

I think your stories make your embroideries all the more special - it's also nice to come across someone else who thinks up a history for inanimate things as I find myself mentally writing a tale for each of my finds! Lol :-)

Jem xXx

bears footprints said...

oh how beautiful she is, your work is just so enchanting x

lilipopo said...

Your website is looking gorgeous! I keep toying with the idea but... more technology! I agree with Jem about easy navigation on a website and definitely include some stories. Your girl is looking beautiful.
Have a lovely weekend
Kate x

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

@Jem - Good luck for sat morning..a good rummage is good for the soul!

@bears footprints - what a sweet thing to say.Thanks for popping by

@Kate - know what you mean about more technology but create seems to be very user friendly and it will be nice to have a main base.I always think it must be very confusing to have to visit the blog,folksy,(etsy)facebook,etc.
hope you all have a super weekend,xx

Vintage Precious said...

Your flower lass is LOVELY! Your website is looking really lovely.

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank you Vintage Precious xx

little miss maison said...

its all lovely i really like your blog and seeing ur finds xx