Monday, 2 May 2011

Sewing and wind watching..what bliss

Hope you've had a pleasant long weekend.We've had Ms Soleil here to stay but she thoughtfully brought along her breezy cousin so the atmosphere has been wonderfully refreshing.I get a curiously giddy feeling when I have a long line a freshly washed linens and lace dancing in the breeze...don't you?

Apart from watching my washing I have been trying to finish off started makes however this above image shows three unfinished ones:(The little girl is taken from my 'Summer Wanderings' embroideries however this one is smaller and instead of using fabric for her dress I filled it with long and short stitch.I plan to place her on the front of a framed clutch purse but am still trying to work out the best way to do this.Any suggestions always welcome.

Also in the first image you can see a little patchwork umbrella brooch that is nearly finished.I have been meaning to make these for an age because they're a bit like my Little Voyages brooches and I really enjoy working in detail on a small scale.

I did actually finish something..yeahh!This patchwork wristlet is now resident in my Folksy nook and is a personal favourite.I have mentioned before about how I am partial to all shades of purple and my second favourite is grey.So when I saw this grey baby needlecord I couldn't wait to use it(when I stopped stroking it!)

The purse also features my old pal gingham and a selection of reproduction 30's fabrics.I've also added one of my hand painted floral buttons and embroidered 'Sing' on one square.My singing voice could crack plastic but I love to try!

Well I better get back to making and singing(ear plugs ready?)
Just a quick note to say thank you to Mel of Sugarplum Kawaii who featured me on her super blog today.I highly recommend Mel's blog because her musings always make me smile and she makes the most delicious jewellery too,
Take Care


Jem said...

The weather has been glorious here in the Peaks too - warm yet breezy is the perfect summery combination for someone like me who is more of an Autumn lover! :-)

I've really enjoyed taking a peek at your current projects in progress, where did you learn to embroider? I've been teaching myself a little and have found it so much fun but also quite tiring. Your little girl image will look stunning on a frame purse!

Jem xXx

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks for popping by all your new finds by the way!
I was shown how to embroider by my grandmother many moons ago but have had to try to reteach myself as of late.I'm a bit of a make it up as I go along girl though:)xx

lilipopo said...

we too have been watching our laundry, until Sunday night when we had the biggest storm I ever remember in Penwith! More beautiful things, I love your patchwork clutch it's so beautiful and your girl too. Maybe you could sort of frame her with embroidery stitches and attach her to a purse? Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog

Kate x

hensteeth said...

Sun and wind drying the washing within minutes has to be one of life's pleasures...well certainly one of mine. It may be because of having to artificially dry laundry in the winter!
I adore your embroidery, you talented lady you. Love what you do. x

averilpam said...

More than breezy here, I used extra pegs on my washing - didn't want to see it flying over the fence onto the railway embankment behind my house!
I love your wrist purse, lovely colours!

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

So glad it isn't just me who gets a kick out of speedy laundry drying!
@lilipopo - thanks for your suggestion about framing the little girl with embroidery stitches..she does look like she is waiting for some sort of circular or oval border.
@hensteeth and averilpam- thanks for your lovely feedback..made me blush:)xx

MitziMakes said...

Ooh lovely makes! I'm looking forward to seeing your umbrella brooch finished - I am particularly in love with your little voyages brooches already!