Monday, 6 June 2011

A Package of Delight - Coramantic

I've had my eye on this wonderful Coramantic piece for a little while now and I finally spoilt myself and purchased it the other week.It's called 'My thoughts weigh me down' a title which rings loud church bells with me as I have a tendency to over think things and worry for worry's sake.As you can see the little lady has such a perfect expression and Yvonne Stewart(the talented lady behind Coramantic)uses such free lines and beautiful transparent colours.Can you tell I'm a big fan?And to add to the excitement,Yvonne sent some gorgeous extras too.

A beautiful card, some badges and an ACEO titled 'Conversation and Friendship'.Yvonne even illustrated the envelope but unfortunately I forgot to get a snap of that.I really recommend visiting Yvonne's Etsy shop because apart from how wonderful her work is,everything in her shop is original so every piece is really something to treasure. 

There is also a Coramantic blog and Yvonne has another shop called Sketchstitch which sells her other style of artwork which is equally delightful!I don't know how she finds the time,lol.
Happy Shopping,
take care