Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the butterflies are returning...

This butterfly adorned cuff is a finished custom order for a treasured regular purchaser of my makes.I particularly enjoyed making this cuff because the lovely lady sent me a picture of the dress she would be wearing it with and gave me colour guidelines but left the rest to my judgement.I have to admit that I had started veering away from making my butterflies a while back because I've not been able to do as many fairs and they always sell better when people can see them up close and see how much work has gone into them.I suppose that's the challenge with selling on an online marketplace.Folksy is saturated with textile brooches now so sometimes I feel your work gets lost. 

Anyway,I've decided the butterflies are returning but probably not as jewellery.I'm working on some new needle cases,phone covers and glasses cases which butterflies will be landing on!Can't wait to show you. Meanwhile these new pretties are gracing the virtual shelves of my Folksy shop.

Hope you are all well and would love to hear your experiences about selling online compared to face to face.
Take care

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Foraging For Treasures....Bee inspired

As promised in my last post I went on an enjoyable forage around the Folksy corridors and found a gorgeous array of bee inspired goodies.Hope you enjoy!Click on item name to go to item and shop name to be taken to the seller's wonderful shop.

All lovely aren't they...obviously lots of other bee lovers out there then. 
Thought I better mention that a lot of generous readers of my blog have told me that they cannot leave comments any more because naughty Blogger won't let them! Boo! This fault has slowly become more and more frequent and I have spent a lot of time trying to fix it but I think I'll have to give up for now and wait and see if blogger can sort it out or Wordpress or Typepad are looking very attractive.So I'm really sorry in advance if you want to leave a comment and cannot(apparently it is to do with browsers and cookies..not chocolate ones sadly!It's such a shame because I really enjoy hearing your lovely whispers..maybe I'll still be able to hear some of you,
Take Care

Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's been a while.....

June was a strange month..a broken computer,an uncooperative camera and finally a lovely family wedding (my sister's) So hopefully that list explains my blog absence and lack of visits to my favourite virtual haunts. My sister's wedding was joyful and beautiful, I have a new laptop but the camera is still a bit temperamental (though she was in a good mood this morning so I took some snaps of the bees in my lavender)

I've always found bees fascinating.They really are very special creatures...having a starring role in pollination,making honey(which I'm very partial to in my morning porridge),making beeswax.I've never been stung so have no real fear of them and love the tales of Victorian households informing the bees when there was a death in the family.I could go on...

And I've noticed this admiration for our buzzy friends creeping into my work more and more.Like the bee embroidery I used on this vintage linen napkin which I have no use for but it looks nice so that's reason enough I guess.

The theme continues with these two latest 'Dainty Sketch' brooches now in my Folksy shop.Actually I might and try and post a 'Foraging for Treasures' post with a bee theme to get me back into the blogging swing!So I'll try find some covetable lovelies for any fellow bee lovers out there.

So I'll BEE back very soon(forgive me..I couldn't resist)

Take Care