Saturday, 13 August 2011

Playing with Plush

Hope you are all well and happy.If you've visited here before you will probably gather that I am great bee admirer and this often creeps into my work in many different guises.So this time I thought I'd try and make a plush Queen Bee.I have always loved dolls and plush but have only made ones as gifts and so more tailored to the recipient's taste(not always my own)

So it was lovely to have an experiment and play.She still remains legless I'm afraid so need to get on with those.As you can tell I wasn't attempting a realistic interpretation but more a 'lace tinted'view of my favourite insects. 

I used lots of different embroidery stitches that I had only used once or twice before and added 'honey' in whipped backstitch.I've always loved using metallic threads but would become so frustrated with it's fragility so finally realising that I could could keep the metallic thread on the surface of the fabric(so the thread won't break)using whipped backstitch has been a godsend.Have you got a favourite stitch or technique?I love hearing new ones.

Well overall I'm happy with my 'nearly' finished Queenie but need to work on the basic shape a bit more so hope to have some ready for Folksy soon.In the meantime I added these needle cases to my Folksy nook.Perfect for christmas gifts for you super organised souls.

Well I better take flight and get back to making.Hello to my new followers and thanks to everyone for leaving your lovely comments(especially when blogger is misbehaving)..I'm working hard at getting back to posting more frequently again so please bear with me(pretty please)
Take care