Monday, 10 October 2011

Finally I can focus...what joy!

The title of this post has two meanings.As of late I have been struggling to focus on which creative path I want to skip along and also quite simply my poor tired eyes have been suffering too.
Years of very late night reading and detailed stitching have taken their toll on my eyes.For the last couple of months every time I sat down in front of the computer screen to tip tap out some little words to your good selves;I ended up with streaming blurry eyes and headaches.So off to the spectacle shop I finally stumbled where I was presented with some lovely shiny new spectacles.

Everything looks so bright and fresh!I feel a little bit silly that I hadn't realised sooner that I needed them especially since my mother and grandmother are spectacled but I've always had a tendency to overlook the most obvious explanation(quite literally in this case!)So now I have a new addition to my wardrobe..lots of fun to be had.

If you are regular caller you might have noticed that I've been redecorating my blog and I'm still mucking around I mean redesigning it so bear with me please.Headache free computer using is a bit of a novelty at the moment so I got a bit carried away!
Regarding not being able to focus creatively,I have been working through quite a lot of custom orders lately but with new work I have been slightly flitting from one idea to another.So I thought I would just show the newest pieces that I have listed on Folksy over the past couple of weeks and then each day this week I'll post a picture and a brief description of my unfinished makes.(I thought that would be a good way to get back to blogging regularly)So here goes..

Tweed flower purse - SOLD

So lovely to have a catch up and I'll be back tomorrow.Have a lovely day,
Take care


Jem said...

It's great to have you back! Who'd have thought the problem would be as simple as a new prescription for your glasses? Funny that it's the obvious things which usually slip by us unquestioned :-)

Your ACEOs are beautiful Cassandra, I'd wondered whether you would illustrate more as you certainly have the talent for it!

Jem xXx

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thanks Jem for your lovely comment:)I might do some more ACEOs as illustration is what I started out in and do love it.I'm trying to combine the illustration and the stitching at the moment..the best of both worlds hopefully :)xx

Vintage Jane said...

I know how you feel. I finally realised I needed glasses (some years ago I might add) when I couldn't see the cars properly as I crossed a particularly busy road every day on the way to work. I realised I had been relying on the sound of cars coming for far too long! Love your pretty makes. M

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Thank goodness you did finally realise you needed them!thanks for popping by :)xx