Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year

I'm back in blogland and all giddy with excitement about what this year will bring.Before I flit forward though,I noticed quite a few of the talented stitchy ladies I admire,shared their year in stitches so I was inspired to give it a go too.So above is a selection of my makes of 2011 and actually it was quite a good exercise to look back and reflect on my stitching journey.I always worry that I haven't got a recognisable style so it was interesting to see several makes shoulder to shoulder and I guess the conclusion I drew was that I am definitely a 'pastel' not 'bold' lass.However I do like to inject one or two strong shades amongst the pale(such as the little redhead's tresses)

I also have definite soft spot for reproduction feedsack cottons which always seem to have such beautiful colour combinations.I had my eye on some Sara Morgan fabric for a while now and was delighted that M is for Make reduced it in they're New Year Sale so hastily purchased my favourites(at the bottom of the pile in photo)and also when I was in a fabric frenzy I purchased some Klona cotton from Backstitch. So looking forward to using my new stash or gazing at it some more(please tell me that I am not the only one who does that)

On the subject of receiving beautiful deliveries, I wanted to show you some wonderful artwork that entered the cottage before Christmas. Firstly I won Little Black Heart's giveaway on my birthday which was such an extra delight especially as I got to choose any aceo from Sal's shop!As you can see I chose a Zombie Geisha which is even more perfect in real life than on screen with her swingy hair and trailing cherry blossom.Sal's illustrations are so witty and original that you can't help but want everything in her warned!If that wasn't enough,part of my prize was four Christmas cards(which I greedily kept instead of using)To see more,there is also a Little Black Heart facebook page and blog.Thank you Sal for my lovely goodies.

If all that visual gorgeousness wasn't enough, I thought I would show you some Coramantic pieces I purchased before Christmas.I've spoken before about how much I love Yvonne's work and love the colour palette she uses and the expression she can create with line.Both pieces are beautiful as always and can't wait to frame them up.Yvonne also has a facebook page and blog.

They're wonderful aren't they.I have been drawing and stitching but thought I would save my new makes for another post so I hope you all had a lovely new year and looking forward to what it brings,
Take Care