Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Feeling comfortable as a blogger...

If you have visited here before you might be thinking this post looks slightly odd...not very girly and no sign of fabric lurking.Well,you would be correct and this is my very first proper post as me(Cassandra - not Gracie)I mentioned here at the end of last year that I had started this venture with a clear plan but it happily took it's own path so I've had to re-adjust and embrace this.I hope I won't bore you with all the details but it makes sense to me to do this post even if only to spur myself on(that is selfish blogging isn't it!)So this is me..this photo is rare..I love taking photos but I am completely and utterly unphotogenic.

I am a London girl originally from Irish parentage and now reside in the heart of England with my Northern husband and our delightful four year son.As a child I was a frilly dress wearing tomboy who devoured storybooks and doodled continuously.Later on I gained an art degree and further studies in children's book illustration however it wasn't until I gave up my full time job to stay at home and look after our son,that I rediscovered sewing and in turn hand embroidery which I realised was the perfect drawing medium for me.To tie all my imaginings together I created the character of Gracie who is,I guess, my 'bloomer wearing' alter ego who only lives to create and doesn't have to worry about cleaning the oven or the rising cost of groceries.However lately I have found I wanted to blog more and more about my real life not just Gracie's imagined one.So I'm going to mix it up and hopefully you will enjoy my little ramblings as a 'semi normal' working from home mum and little snippets of Gracie in her cottage.So I thought I would start with a little post about my son's party last month.

He has been talking about having a cowboy party since his third birthday with no possible alternative being considered so we saddled up and gave it a go.I discovered unsurprisingly that western theme parties are all the rage in the States but finding supplies here in the UK was more difficult.So we had to make a lot ourselves which made me nervous because making things that are not feminine is a bit of a challenge for me.I have to say we were so busy on the day that we struggled to get many photos so I will have to tell you about a lot of our makes.I cheated with the cake and bought a plain one and took a photo of my son so I could turn it into a silhouette and cut it out of black icing and stuck it on.I have great admiration for cake decorators..that icing was stretching all over the place when I lifted it up.I made gingham cake bunting too but afraid you cannot see that in the picture.   

We made a cardboard western town out of fridge boxes complete with  jail and schoolhouse that the children could play in.We made a beanbag toss game,a panning for gold game(in which the children weighed out their gold in a really old rusty set of scales which I purchased around fifteen years ago-I knew they would come in handy one day)We played 'pin the moustache'on a picture of my son and it really was great fun.I made cotton loot bags with each child's name on and my husband made each child a wooden hobby horse to take home with them.I'll have to take a photo of my son's so you can see it..he's very lucky to have such a clever daddy.

The table's were easy to decorate with red and white gingham tablecloths and I covered some plain cups with cow print contact film.Little white lanterns and sunflowers also sat on the tables.

 The whole party was an awful lot of hard work but definitely worth it and I was very surprised that my son hasn't had a cowboy overload and want's a cowboy theme in his bedroom now!That can be another post I think.I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my life - next time I want to show you what I've been making so hope you come back then,
Take care
Cassandra xx