Friday, 6 April 2012

Baking,stitching and a belated thank you

Hello,hope you are well and enjoying the start of the Easter Weekend.This is a bit of a catch up post so might be a little bit disjointed but I've always loved a bit of chaos.Last weekend we did some baking and I thought I'd have a go at painting the icing on the biscuits with food colouring.It was quite fun actually but I kept it very simple and only used shades of purple.I've always wanted to try it since discovering the creations of Natasha of Nevie-Pie Cakes - her work is truly stunning and she has a fantastic blog too.

Well leaving sweet delights aside,I thought I'd show you some hand dyed embroidery threads I purchased from The Rainbow Girl on Etsy.It took me a ridiculously lengthy time to choose which colours because Sarah's threads are so sumptuous looking but I chose the below colours and they arrived super quick.They're even nicer in real life and the colours graduate so delicately.Sarah also sells hand dyed fabric and other textile materials..all very tempting!

I had started this mermaid embroidery before I received the threads so I had already worked out the colours I was using but I did use some of the hand dyed floss on the waves and it really is gorgeous to use.My current piece that I have started(I'll show you next time)is my chance to use these beautiful colours properly.

In the past I have drawn many mermaids using different materials so embroidering my own illustration of a sea loving maiden was very attractive.I tried to keep it all very delicate looking and ethereal as she looks a little bit sad(I have a habit of drawing sad looking women)I had fun embroidering her hair freestyle using straight,satin and split stitch but it took quite a while.

I added one line of text 'a mermaid's song is a lonely one..' as I always felt sad when reading tales of sirens and mermaids who lured sailors with their songs.It would be a very lonely existence if you enchanted souls with your song..and it led to their demise.

One other layer to this piece is the intentional absence of a tail.I like the idea of viewing a piece in several different ways and if the word 'mermaid' wasn't included,how would you view it?

So that piece is now available to purchase in my Etsy shop.
I also have a very belated thank you to bestow on Helen Limbrick
I was very fortunate to win this beautiful hand knitted beret as part of a giveaway Helen held (a while ago now)I've shown you the picture that Helen had on her blog as quite frankly she is a lot more photogenic than myself and we both have heavy fringes so you get the idea what it looks like on us both!)The beret was knitted by Helen from her own pattern and it really is stunning!It is so soft and luxurious and is definitely in a vintage style which is just up my street.Helen is also so generous that not only did she giveaway the beret,she also has the pattern on her blog so you knitters out there can whip up one of your own.

Helen doesn't just knit,she is a multi talented girl who has a Folksy shop and a Etsy shop where she sells beautiful handcrafted gifts.She also has fantastic blog which she regularly updates(I should take note of that)and I would have made the below screenshot of her blog clickable but I'm still struggling with managing click here to visit this lovely blog. 

So well done if you managed to read all this post and reach the end.Hope you have a great Easter!
Take care xxx