Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Potter Post

I have a confession,as well as being a lazy blogger;I am a very big Harry Potter fan.I devoured the books and love the films (which is unusual as I normally struggle watching film's adapted from beloved books)so was super excited to visit the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros London studio tour last weekend.I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't read too much about it so was blown away with everything we saw.We walked through Hogwarts Great Hall,saw the Gryffindor common room,Dumbledore's office,walked through Diagon Alley!I could go on but I've picked out some of the finer details which interested me,so hopefully might interest you too.

This pile of Daily Prophet's was in an amazing cabinet full of graphics and paper goods created to feature in the films.I was stood gazing at that cabinet a very long time!the detail was exquisite and there was so much to look at.It was lovely to see props used in the film at such close range such as the copy of 'The Tales of the Beedle the Bard' which Dumbledore bequeathed to Hermione and the handwritten letter penned by Lily Potter.

I adored the graphics and illustrations on the Quibbler covers which I feel really represents the 'look' of the contemporary wizarding world featured in the films.I always feel there is a strong vintage style running through the later films which seems so fresh and attractive and so perfectly believable for Rowling's created world.I guess it is this added positive dimension created by the film makers which stops me from dwelling on which details are removed or altered from the books.

I had to show you Fleur Delacour's costume as it's so beautiful especially the hat. Can you imagine wearing such a graceful school uniform?!I never even noticed her shoes in the film but fell in love with them too. 

Also from the The Goblet of Fire film was this amazing chocolate phoenix cake..I don't need to say anything.

Also this stunning 'ice' sculpture was dazzling and was surrounded by glasses and bottles for the Yule Tide Ball.

Although I loved strolling through Diagon Alley(as you do)the light was not great for taking photos so I'm afraid I haven't got many to show you.Here are the window displays of Flourish and Blotts(the bookshop)and Scribbulus(a kind of stationers)

The gigantic pendulum... 

And finally we sat in the Weasley's blue magic car but stayed on the ground unlike Harry and Ron!I'd really recommend visiting the  tour if you're a Harry Potter fan but I have to say my four year old came with us and it was definitely a bit too old for him.I'd say children over seven or eight would get more out of it.He did love the potions lab as the cauldrons were stirring themselves and Molly Weasley's kitchen was amusing too.

I have been drawing and stitching lately but I have to admit I'm finding it difficult to photograph anything lately as we have had some changes in our circumstances over the past couple of months which means I will have to wait until September when my son starts school to regain some proper work time for myself.I have quite a few pictures ready to edit so will get on with that soon so you can see what I've been up to.
Take care and hope you are enjoying the good weather!
PS.I can't fathom my blogger settings so I can't seem to reply on each comment or vice versa on other blogs.Sorry about that,
Cassandra xx