Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Embroidery catch up

This is going to be one of those catch up posts so I hope you don't mind if it is slightly disjointed.I've been doing a lot of drawing and stitching as of late as I'm trying to build up my illustration portfolio again and also I'm planning to start offering postcards for sale and fingers crossed eventually prints.I've been considering this for quite a long time now as the embroidered artworks are extremely labour intensive and from a 'business' point of view it makes much more sense to be able offer reproductions which will be less expensive.Well that's the theory.So I have posted some of these pictures on facebook and flickr but thought I'd like to elaborate more on them.

This first one is The Parsley Girl and any early followers of my blog might remember that I illustrated this tale previously but in paint.Click here for original post It may seem a bit odd to use the same fairytale again but since discovering embroidery I feel like I have a whole new way of working and I can't help wanting to illustrate stories I have always loved.I'd love hear how you feel about returning to previous themes and reworking them?I remember being told at university to forge forward always and not go back but I can't help returning to my favourite fairytales and my strange obsession with drawing hair...might just go with it for the time being!

This was my first piece that I have mounted on stretchers instead of a hoop and it was quite refreshing to not be constrained by the circular shape.I embroidered her hair freestyle and sneaked in some parsley and had great fun choosing fabrics for the birds and her dress.I'm tempted to  make myself a dress using the purple repro feedsack's so pretty!I've included the original sketch below as personally I love seeing people's sketches(I'm quite nosey really)

I also stitched a Summer Wandering piece as a gift for someone special who requested a hair and eye colour.This was lovely to do and I really liked the piece in these colours.

A little brooch..

I have got one more piece to show you but I think I'll do another post about that(dare I say later in the week!yikes,a five week gap and two in one week!)I also wanted to say a big hello to my new followers...nice to meet you and hope enjoy your little visits.
Take care


Hoola Tallulah said...

I absolutely adore the way you embroider hair, it is just so lovely x

Frankie said...

What stitch and thread were used? Beautiful labor intensive work!

Alex Moore said...

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