Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New work and a sneak peek

Well I thought it was time I peeked my head around the corner and mentioned I am still here and I am still stitching away.In fact if you laid your curious ear against my front door you would be greeted with that soothing familiar echo created by thread being pulled through my embroidery hoop/drum.I like my fabric tight so my hoop becomes almost drum like when in use.

I have quite a few pieces in progress at the moment and a lot of my time has been dedicated to my new pattern business which will be up and running early next year.I obviously design my own embroidery patterns but designing them for fellow embroiderers to use is a completely different experience. I'm in awe of those who have made a success of this chosen path.The talented LILIPOPO and SEWJENAISSANCE spring to mind. I'm persevering though and it's very exciting because it is a slightly younger aesthetic and I'm getting to explore ideas that I've tucked away over the past few years which wouldn't really fit in with GGB. I've had the new business name registered for a while now so it's great to actually be working on logos,etc.

Back to GGB though and I wanted to show you my new Custom Name Embroideries now available to order in my Etay shop.I adapted my Summer Wanderings Designs to incorporate a banner which can contain a name or words.I was thinking about this for a while because I had been told by a lot of my customers that they were ordering the pieces for their daughters,granddaughters,etc and chose the hair and eye colour accordingly.So now you can choose the hair and eye colour,the fabric for the dress and your chosen name so it will be truly custom made and hopefully more special for that reason.I have been asked several times if I'm going to create a boy design but I've always thought my style is too feminine but I harbour a wish to overcome this especially as I'd like to design one for my son.I do a love a challenge so fingers crossed.

Well I'll say cheery bye for now and thank you for visiting,it's lovely to have you here,
Cassandra xxx